“Bubble & Drop” is a scientific convention which gathers together scientists, academic community, and industrial world around emulsion and foam research.
Conferences, scientific posters, industrial applications, all drops and bubbles aspects will rhythm the week to inspire, reveal, and make scientific research grow.
Created by Reinhard Miller (Max Planck Institute, Germany), Bubble & Drop is the scientific congress reference in Europe which brings together between 250 to 300 people.

Bubble Drop 2015


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2015 – Potsdam, Golm, Germany
Topics covered: Adsorption and interfacial dynamics, B&D formation, motion, interactions, B&D in industrial applications, Droplet evaporation dynamics, Foams and emulsions, Interfacial instabilities, Interfacial rheology, Liquid films between B&D, Nanobubbles – formation and stability, Taylor B&D, Wetting and spreading Symposiums: Rising bubbles and drops, Growing drops and bubbles, Oscillating drops and bubbles.

2012 – Krakow, Poland
Topics covered: B&D formation, motion, interactions, Adsorption and interfacial properties, Foams and emulsions, Wetting and spreading phenomena, Electrowetting and dewetting, Marangoni and phase change phenomena, Droplet evaporation dynamics, Surface forces.

2009 – Thessaloniki, Greece
Topics covered: Adsorption and interfaces rheology – Drop/bubble interactions – Wetting phenomenon – Foam and emulsion stability – Bubbles and drops in microgravity conditions – Industrial applications, Electrowetting and dewetting, Marangoni and phase change phenomena – Droplet evaporation dynamics, Surface forces.
2007 – Granada, Spain

2004 – Genoa, Italy

1995 – Empoli, Italy