Dr. Alain Cagna, Ph.D. in Physics, Teclis Scientific, France

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Robert V. Farese, Jr., M.D., Harvard and Tobias C. Walther, Ph.D., Harvard/HHMI, United States
“Droplets in Biology: The Cell Biology of Metabolic Energy Storage”

Dr. Jean-François Argillier, Ph.D. in Physics, IFPEN, France
“Bubbles and drops in upstream oil applications”

Dr. Marta Krasowska, University of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia
“Bubbles rise and interaction with surfaces: from fundamentals to application”

Dr. Marie-Pierre Krafft, Charles Sadron Institute, Strasbourg, France
“Fluorocarbons, Bubbles and Drops”

Dr. Peter Wierenga, Wageningen University and Research, Wageningen, Netherlands 
“From molecular properties to functional properties: Protein stabilised foams and emulsions”